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Recent Weddings

Michael, Ilana, and
Skye Schenck
July 18, 2010

Lia and Gordon Allan
April 18, 2009

 Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce
 Street Fair - Summer 2009

L-R: Chris, Denise, Natalie, Robina, Valerie M., Jim.  Not Pictured: Tom W., Gaitley, Edna, Dean, Jonathan and Betsy. 

Betsy encouraging people to register to win a pair of free tickets to our next Gregarian event - Family Potluck and English Country Dance on June 27th!

Mayor stops by to say "Hi" L-R Mayor Ralph Suozzi, Chris, Natalie, Denise, Robina, Valerie M., Jim.

 The Gregarians' Field Trip 
 Shu Swamp - May 17, 2009

L-R: Michael, Gus, Jonathan, Louie, Beau. Not pictured: Margo, Sue and Lance.

L-R: Jonathan and Lance.

Top to bottom: Margo, Michael, Beau.

 Spring Cleanup Day 2009!


Jim, Valerie, Dean, Maureen


Mother/Daughter team!
Ylenia & Sonia


Dean, Maureen, Valerie, George

Father/Son team!
Max & Lance

 Just Married!

Just Married!
Lia and Gordon tie the knot

Mother of the Groom
All smiles

 Confirmation Class - Spring '09

The Cake!

L-R Jackie, Peter, Kahlil and the Pastor

Pastor, elders and parents perform traditional ritual of Laying on of Hands as part of Confirmation Ceremony. 

 New Arrivals!

New Arrival!

Lissa (Ruckert) Harris cuddles with her daughter, Hazel Anna, while photographer, daddy Dana captures the moment.

Hazel Anna Harris
born April 21, 2009

New Arrival!

Jim & Kimbel (Ruckert) Martin with new daughter,Addison Lee (big sisters Jaidyn & Tamber wait at home).    

Addison Lee Martin
born March 12, 2009

 Spring 2009

L-R: Cheryl and Valerie

Social Hour

Gordon, Lia, Gail, Casey, and Antonella

Jenner and Christiane

Gus and Louie

Shirley and Jim

Sonna and Jackie

Eleanor and Hank

Dennis, Max, Peter

L-R Eileen (Aunt), Kahlil (son), Liz (Mom)


Kylie and her Mothers Day creations

Kahlil and his Mothers Day Creation


L-R: Eleanor, Christiane, Jenner, Hank

George and Cheryle

L-R: Denise and Maureen



Margaret and Jonathan



Adult Sunday School
L-R: George, Cheryle, Valerie

Kylie and Stu


Edna and Allen

Eleanor Teaches Adult Sunday School Class
L-R:Lance, Eleanor, Sue, Pete, and Doris

 Children's Sunday School
 L-R: Peter, Beau, and Margo

First Row L-R: Joe and Betsy
Second Row L-R: Sue, Mildred, Robina. Third Row L-R:Margo, Lance, Beau, Dennis, Peter
Fourth Row L-R: Alyson, Jim,Tom, Pam. Fifth Row L-R: Bruce, Farshid, Gus, Peter, Doris
Sixth Row L-R:Michael, Jonathan, Dean. Seventh Row L-R:Kaloute, Ylenia, and Sonia, Evelyn and Eleanor. Eighth Row L-R: Marie & Mae. Ninth Row L-R:John, Eleanor & Pete. Tenth Row L-R: Don & Peggy.

Sunday School Class

Pam Teaches Children's Sunday School
L-R: Beau, Pam, Peter, Margo

Sunday Sermon

Social Hour

Sunday Worship
First Row: Lance. Second Row: Jim. Third Row L-R: Bruce, Farshid & Gus. Fourth Row L-R: Michael, Jonathan & Dean. Fifth Row L-R: Kaloutie, Ruth Ann, Evelyn. Sixth Row L-R: Marie, Mae, Ylenia & Sonia. Seventh Row L-R: John, Eleanor & Pete. Last Row L-R: Don and Peggy.

Sunday Worship Service

Social Hour
Eleanor, Evelyn & Ruth Ann

Sunday Worship Service
First Row L-R: Dennis & Max. Second Row L-R: Jonathan & Margaret

Make a joyful noise!
First Row L-R: Sue & Lance. Second Row L-R: Alyson & Jim. Third Row L-R: Bruce, Farshid, Gus & Peter. Fourth Row L-R: Michael, Jonathan, Dean & Doris. Fifth Row L-R: Kaloutie, Ruth Ann, Evelyn & Eleanor.
Sixth Row L-R: Marie, Mae and Sonia. Sixth Row L-R: Maureen, John, Eleanor & Pete. Last Row L-R: Don & Peggy.

Opening Hymn
Beau, Peter, Dennis, Max

Ylenia helps with the Children's Message
L-R Ylenia, Margo, Beau, Peter, Dennis & Max

Sunday Worship
First Row : Mildred. Second Row L-R: Dennis & Peter. Third Row L-R: Valerie & Pam

Morning Worship Service

Social Hour
Gus & Jim

Sunday Worship
Marie & Mae

Social Hour

Our Newest Ushers Clowning Around!
L-R: Max & Dennis

Social Hour

Sue Helps with Children's Sunday School
L-R: Peter, Beau, Sue & Margo

Sunday Worship Service
Eleanor and Pete

Sunday Worship Service
Sonia & Ylenia

Sunday Worship Service
Don and Peggy

Getting Creative in Sunday School!
L-R: Peter, Beau & Margo

Congregational Retreat Planning Meeting in East Marion
L-R: Gaitley, Valerie, Jim

Church Social Event
Lance and Gail

Practicing moves for Gregarian sponsored English Country Dance
L-R Laura, Ylenia, Cheryl, Dennis, George & Max

Church Social Event
Jim, Maureen, Denise & Valerie

 Christmas 2008

The Manger Scene
L-R Jackie, Peter, Beau

Hanging Wreath

The Christmas Story
Candlelight Christmas
Eve Service
L-R: Max, Jackie, Jack, Kyle, Margo, Beau, Peter

Preparing Candles
L-R: Margaret, Sonia, Ylenia, Dennis, Max, Cheryl

 Youth Present Genesis Story

Everyone gets in on the act!
L-R: Jack, Lance, Ylenia, Melissa, Max, Margo, Dennis, Beau

Peter playing the role of light!

Jackie, Beau and Max

Jackie with the Fish of the sea!

Beau with Eve

Special thanks to contributing photographers Sonna Allen, Sue Cheney, Danna Harris and Peter Rapelje.